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sisterofiris replied:

I just completed starting and consecrating my brand new altar, which means this is a especially appropriate subject to come up with now.

Before you go in-depth, I’ll focus on a reminder: you can find various sorts, or “levels” in the event that you will, of purification in Hellenic polytheism. The most rudimentary is the thing I would phone everyday purification, or purification from lyma; then there is certainly expiation, to eliminate serious air air pollution or miasma; finally, there was consecration, the entire process of making one thing sacred. We won’t talk about expiation much right here, I assume don’t apply to most people as it is necessary only in specific situations which. (in it, I’d suggest reading the Greek tragedies, specially Aeschylus’ Oresteia and Euripides’ Iphigenia in Tauris, which deal in part with expiatory rites after murder. if you’re interested)

Let’s start with everyday purification. I’ve discovered Labrys’ book Hellenic Polytheism: Household Worship to be especially accurate in describing just exactly what it really is (identifying it from more pollution that is severe and exactly how it is done:

For living people to approach the entire world regarding the Gods demands physical, psychological and religious purity. This can be achieved through the ritual that is simple that is clearly a prerequisite to any ceremony.There are, nonetheless, specific states of “contamination” or Miasma that prohibit any attempt to approach the Gods whatsoever. To be purified from Miasma requires unique actions that are ritualistic. (Hellenic Polytheism: Household Worship, p. 73-74)

Cleansing (Khernips): this would be considered a dish or basin, wide adequate become full of water, which might be useful for the washing that is ceremonial of fingers or face prior to each ritual. (idem, p. 40)

The guide additionally mentions hand-washing since the step that is third a ritual: “all individuals clean their arms when you look at the cleansing basin” (p. 92).

This will be accurate to sources that are ancient which describe individuals washing their fingers and quite often face before ritual. See, as an example, just just how Achilles makes for prayer into the Iliad (16.225-232):

His superbly crafted cup ended up being here; hardly any other mandrank from it the fire-coloured wine,and neither did he libate from this to your God except that Father Zeus;taking it through the chest, he purified it with sulphurfirst, then washed it with stunning moving water,washed his or her own fingers, and received the fire-coloured wine;then, standing in the middle of the courtyard, he prayed and spilled the winewith his eyes towards the sky; in which he failed to go unnoticed by Zeus who rejoices in thunder. (transl. personal)

That’s really all it requires: a small washing with clear water. Water from the moving springtime is well, or you live because of the ocean, seawater. I’m fortunate to call home in a nation with really fresh and tap that is clean, therefore I’m comfortable utilizing it for purification, however, if that is maybe not your case and also you don’t gain access to natural water sources either, you should start thinking about buying bottled water for this function.

Now let’s move ahead to consecration. This is certainly, to provide a somewhat tongue-in-cheek description, a purification level-up: its purpose is not in order to clean something/someone, but to create it/them in to a state that is sacred. Something that is usually to be utilized in ritual, including ritual room, should always be consecrated. (for this reason the requirements for cleanliness whenever entering an old Greek temple had been especially strict – these weren’t needs for everyday ritual purity, however for entering an extremely sacred, consecrated room.) Obviously, since consecration is some sort of level-up from purification, it calls for more elaborate rites.

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