Why Prostitution Should Not Be Legally legalized – A Common Sense Review?

Many people are very uncomfortable with the idea that prostitution should be legal. There are two main reasons for this. The first reason is that people are afraid that it might somehow cause collateral damage to society and thus, they would have to institute laws against it.

why prostitution should be legal

There are two main reasons for this. The first reason is that prostitution was considered to be immoral in past centuries. In Oceania, prostitution was banned under Article 4 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The second reason is that prostitution has been effectively regulated in various countries throughout history. The World Health Organization agrees that the practice of prostitution should be legalized.

Many people argue that because prostitution has been regulated in the past, it can be legalized now. However, this argument falls apart when you consider the fact that prostitution has always been illegal in some form or another. In addition, the sex workers who were exploited in brothels during the early part of the history of prostitution, as well as the organized trafficking of women for sex within various cultures throughout the world, makes it clear that prostitution is never fundamentally a “good” or “beneficial” act.

Besides the arguments made above, there is another reason that prostitution should not be legalized. That is the lack of evidence that legalizing prostitution would decrease societal crime rates. When the law is manipulated in order to serve political ends, there is no way to know whether the ends that are served will actually be successful in the long run. As stated in an article by David Irvine, “There is simply no way to know whether legalizing prostitution will reduce crime or if it will increase.” | legal status | prostitution | Oceania | main article | illegal varies} The second most important reason that why prostitution should not be legalized is that it promotes sexual tourism. There is a main article in this website titled “Why Prostitution Should Not Be Legally Legalized.” This main article makes it clear, “There is simply no scientific or empirical evidence to suggest that legalized prostitution will have any positive effect on prostitution rates.” Furthermore, “the notion that legalizing prostitution will somehow decrease crime rates is also untrue.”

Finally, prostitution should not be regulated because the only people that profit from the brothels are the ones that own them. This main article, “Prostitution and Prostitution Laws: Why They Should Not Be Legally Regulated” gives further insight into this. When brothels are legally regulated, the only people profiting from them are the owners. When they are not regulated, the government cannot interfere with them. Therefore, regulation and legalization vary to suit the interests of those in power, not of the majority of society.

The final reason that why prostitution should not be legalized is that it is degrading to women. It also reflects a lack of understanding about women’s bodies and what they want out of life. Most people in the world don’t know the first place to start when it comes to understanding prostitution. There are plenty of resources available, including e-books and various other media forms. Educate yourself and others about the subject to contribute towards stopping this degrading practice. You will be surprised at how many people are willing to stand up against the prostitution industry if they actually understood it.