C&B Aromas

Who We Are

C&B AROMAS today is just not a name in the perfume industry, but leads the perfume manufacturing market in India. We believe in producing the best of the exotic and luxurious perfumes yet not expensive but not compromising on the quality. We focus on developing and manufacturing new and unique fragrances using100% natural ingredients which are mild yet the scent of the royals. . We possess the right knowledge, expertise, resources, and network which enables us to stand out. Quality of products is of paramount importance to us and that’s why our fragrances are handpicked by our partners around the world after they are certainly sure about the longevity & projection of products. We have been doing this for over decades and have mastered the art of making the best of the perfumes which all women and men would love to hug it to their body, yet at the best possible prices.


At C&B Aromas our vision is to transform consumer’s dreams into the reality of fragrance. We understand that perfumes can be much more accessible if the negotiator or middleman process is eliminated in between, making the international perfumes and body sprays available immediately to the customers. We strive to give nothing but satisfaction to our customers. All the products are tested for their quality and genuineness with numerous quality check filters before it arrives at your doorstep. We aspire to be a global leader through our innovations every day, everywhere – as we seek for a better tomorrow. We choose to bring the promising to everyone we touch. By “The best”, we mean the best products, the best people, best ideas, and the systems.


C&B Aromas started with a mission of making perfumes available and reasonable for the common man. Delivering High-end International fragrance is a part of the C&B Aromas family which is thriving with each passing day. To make the International imported fragrances as accessible as possible, this is the only place where you can acquire Perfume Selfie- a miscellaneous collection of various international fragrances in representation vials at an economical cost. Our mission is to:-

  • Believe in succeeding with our customers.
    Over the value chain, we believe that customers are at the heart of our business. Our potential to comprehend local market trends and adapt our business model accordingly is core to our growth & strategy. We understand that we can only grow with the growth of our customers only.
  • Outstanding Delivery Services.
    We drive excellence in the delivery of our business products, services, and processes. This excellence will be ascertained in developing deep, long-term friendships with our clients.
  • Partnering for shared success.
    We prefer protecting true and sustainable partnerships with our key stakeholders. We understand the importance of partnerships to support our mission to be the innovation leader in the industry of fragrance.


At C&B Aromas our objective is to honor individuality and empower everyone to find confidence, community, and joy through elegance and aroma. We are a labor of love where each perfume is carefully created to bring out the provenance of the components that go into it, provoking a unique remembrance every time you open the bottle. We invite you to explore the beautiful world of perfumery with our range of aroma perfumes, which is Indian at heart, modern in their aesthetic, and different in the familiarity they provide. No matter your background, skin tone, hair type, or budget, you can use our perfumes to represent your inner self.